How to Delete Your Account

Before proceeding with the account deletion process, remember that if you wish to keep any data associated with your account, make sure to back it up. Once your account is deleted, you may not be able to recover this information.

Step-by-Step Guide

On web:

  1. Click on your user profile icon in the top right corner to open a dropdown menu.
  2. Click "Settings".
  3. Click "Account".
  4. Click "Delete account". A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you want your account deleted.

On app:

  1. Tap on your user profile icon.
  2. Tap the Menu-icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap "Settings".
  4. Tap "Delete Account".
  5. Confirm that you want your account deleted.

Need Further Assistance?

If you encounter any issues during the account deletion process or have specific questions, please contact our customer support team. You can reach them by