Tattoo Projects

Can’t find an artist?  Let artists find you.

With Tattoo Projects we help you find the right artist for your idea. We’ll push your tattoo idea to nearby artists and studios and connect you with those that fit your style, availability, and budget.

Once you’ve found the perfect artist or studio, start your digital consultation directly in the app. Discuss details with the tattoo artist, book a date for the tattoo appointment, and look forward to your new tattoo!

When you launch a tattoo project, you need to 1. Select a city, 2. Select location of your tattoo, 3. Select the size of your. tattoo, 4. Describe your tattoo, and 5. Add reference images. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when you launch your tattoo project:

  • Be clear with your description
  • Be flexible with your ideas
  • Make sure your reference images match your description

The better you can describe your tattoo in your tattoo project, the easier it is for artists and studios to give you a realistic quote and help you.